Availability: Jul 01 - 31, 2018
Jones Hill High School Trail Project
TRAIL PROJECT: Jones Hill is tucked away on the eastern edge of the Hoffman Notch Wilderness. The crew will spend their week by helping to install a new trail from the Big Pond trail to the summit of Jones Hill.
Non-motorized, basic hand tools will be used to complete the trail project discussed above. Volunteers should expect to use tools such as pick mattocks, rock bars, axes, loppers, and shovels. Instruction how to use these tools properly and safely will be discussed prior to beginning work by ADK Crew Leaders. Be prepared to work hard physically and to get your hands dirty!
With the ADK Crew Leaders, Volunteers will work together each day on a short section of trail. Because trail work is difficult the crew will only be working on mile section of trail. The trail crew will hike back and forth a short distance from the camp site to the work site every. We will work in virtually any and all weather conditions as long as the ground is not frozen.

MEETING TIME & LOCATION: Please plan to be at the ADK Volunteer Base Camp on Sunday, July 15th between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Dinner and orientation will begin at 6:30. Base Camp is located at campsite 21 in the Adirondak Loj Wilderness Campground adjacent to Heart Lake (see enclosed directions). The entire Volunteer trail crew will sleep at Base Camp Sunday night. The Volunteer Base Camp has group tents for participants to use. You will need your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Base Camp includes a large canopy tent for dining and socializing when it is raining. Bathrooms and showers are just a few feet away at a nearby washhouse.
On Monday morning after breakfast the ADK Crew Leaders will transport the crew in a van to the trailhead which will take about an hour from Base Camp. At the trailhead the ADK Crew Leaders will help load packs and then the crew will hike in 2-3 miles to establish a camping site where the crew will camp in tents for the week. The ADK Crew Leaders will drive the crew back on Friday and should arrive back to the Volunteer Base Camp by 3-4:00 p.m.
Be sure to review the enclosed equipment & gear list so you are prepared for the week. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at the number provided at the end of the gear list.

COST: There is a $285.oo participation fee. Scholarships are available.

For Ages: 14 to 17